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Steps for the Entire Dental Implant Procedure

Steps For The Entire Dental Implant Procedure

November 1, 2022

Missing teeth affect your appearance, dental function and smile. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by replacing lost or extracted teeth. One of the teeth replacement options available is dental implants in Midland. However, the process may seem complicated if you do not know the steps involved. Read on for the steps of the dental implant procedure.

How to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery

After scheduling your dental implant surgery, you should prepare for the procedure. Preparation enables the entire process to go smoothly. According to a cosmetic family dentist, it also promotes faster healing. You can prepare for your dental implant surgery by following the instructions below.

  1. Complete all preoperative tests two weeks before your surgery date. This allows the dentist to analyze the results and create an appropriate treatment plan.
  2. After your surgery, you will be required to rest. Therefore, ensure you fill all prescriptions your implant dentist gives before the appointment.
  3. Stop using nicotine-based products for at least six weeks leading to surgery. They impair your healing ability and affect the level of sedation during the process.
  4. When preparing for dental implants in Midland, you should not take certain medicines. For example, avoid aspirin or anti-inflammatory agents ten days before the surgery. You should also avoid using some types of birth control or estrogen supplements.
  5. You will be groggy after the surgery due to sedation. Therefore, ensure you have someone to drive you home and stay with you for a while.
  6. Avoid taking caffeine one week before the surgical procedure. It may interfere with the process.
  7. Do not take alcohol for 72 hours before your surgery. Alcohol affects the safe administration of sedatives.
  8. Avoid eating and drinking for some hours prior to your treatment.
  9. If the dentist gives you oral sedative pills, take them as instructed. Use very little water to take the pills.
  10. On the day of the appointment, dress comfortably. Avoid jewelry, contact lenses or high-heeled shoes.

How Long Does a Dental Implant Process Take?

The duration of your dental implant procedure depends on oral and overall health. Your treatment may take 4-6 months or longer. If you need a closer estimation of the process, schedule a consultation at Midland Avenue Dental.

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of the entire process and expected timeline.

  1. The Initial Consultation

The first step is a consultation with your cosmetic family dentist, which takes one appointment. They will perform a comprehensive exam. If you are suitable for dental implant surgery, they will create a treatment plan. Next, they will schedule the surgery and help you prepare for it.

  1. Pre-treatment Surgeries

Some patients need pre-treatment surgeries to make the implant process successful. For example, you may need bone grafts to restore the jawbone or an extraction. Others with gum infections require the disease to be reversed or managed. You may take 3-12 months to recover from these treatments and proceed with the implant surgery.

  1. Implant Placement

If you do not need any pre-treatment, the dentist places the implants a week or two after the consultation. Implant placements involve accessing the jawbone beneath the socket of the missing teeth. After, the dentist fixes a titanium post inside the bone. Then, the area will be sutured, and you will be sent home to wait for the implant to fuse with the bone. This surgery takes a single session.

  1. Healing And Recovery

The integration and healing process sometimes takes 3-6 months or longer. You will attend a follow-up appointment to ensure you are healing properly.

  1. Implant Restoration Fabrication

The dentist will take impressions or images of your gums and teeth. This process takes one visit. Then, they will use them to build an implant restoration like a dental crown. If you use dentures, the experts at the denture clinic will customize a perfect one for you.

  1. Abutment Placement

A few days or two weeks before the final appointment, the dentist will attach abutments to your implant. The device connects your implant and the crown or dentures and is placed in one session.

  1. Placing Your Implant Restoration

This is the final step whereby the dentist attaches the artificial teeth to the implant. Then, they may attach customized crowns or dentures for a natural-looking smile.