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If you’ve never received a dental crown before, you may have questions about why the procedure is needed. Often considered the workhorse of cosmetic dentistry, dental crown procedures are used to correct a range of smile concerns, such as protecting a damaged tooth from undergoing additional impairment, anchoring a dental bridge, and covering for a dental implant.

Dr. Saroya is available to answer all of your questions about dental crowns from Midland Avenue Dental. We invite you to book an appointment now for a dental crown consultation using our convenient online booking tool.

Benefits of Dental Crowns Near You

Also sometimes referred to as dental caps, a dental crown procedure can be custom designed to match the appearance of your existing smile or as a way to improve the appearance of your smile when used in a smile makeover. In addition to their wide range of use in modern dentistry, dental crowns are also a durable option since they typically last for ten or more years. Plus, dental crowns typically only require one or two appointments for treatment to be completed.

When you book your appointment for a dental crown consultation with our dentist in Midland, ON, we will provide you with a customized treatment plan specific to your procedure so you’ll know exactly how to budget your time for treatment.

Your treatment plan will also factor in choosing available materials for dental crown procedures based on where the tooth is located and the material’s durability. Materials that are available for use include metals, resin, ceramics, porcelains, and more. Each material has its advantage and disadvantage over others, but Dr. Saroya will include that information during your consultation.

Our goal at Midland Avenue Dental is to provide every patient with a healthy, natural-looking, and high-performing smile, so we always inform them about every available option. We pride our practice on being advanced in its technology and being transparent in best practices for patient care.

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