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When you visit Dr. Saroya at Midland Avenue Dental for your preventive dental appointments, you’ll also receive a visual oral cancer screening as a part of your appointment. Why is this important? There are two reasons. First, oral cancer is on the rise in patients of all ages and all demographics and because its symptoms can often go unnoticed at home.

Facts About Oral Cancer

You may not hear about oral cancer as often as other forms of cancer such as breast or prostate cancer, but that does not minimize the importance of receiving annual screening. Here are some interesting facts about oral cancer that you may not have heard before. They are provided here to help you understand why our dentist near you includes a visual screening as a part of your exam and cleaning appointments.

      • Oral cancer is a type of cancer commonly grouped into the categories of head and neck cancers.
      • There are several types of mouth and oral cavity cancers, but around 90 percent are squamous cell carcinomas.
      • The death rate with oral cancer is higher than many other types of cancer because the disease symptoms are not typically noticed at home.
      • Because of its potential for late diagnosis, mouth cancer is commonly discovered after it has metastasized to another area.
      • Oral cancer has nothing to do with whether or not an individual is or ever was a tobacco user, as evidenced by research that shows the fastest-growing segment of those diagnoses is non-smokers under the age of fifty.
      • Certain viruses and fungi, such as the human papillomavirus (particularly HPV16), are linked with the rise of oral cancer in a younger population
      • Like all forms of cancer, oral cancer grows and proliferates at an uncontrolled rate and must be detected and treated early for best results.
      • This last bullet point is that oral cancer must be detected and treated early—that’s why our dentist in Midland, ON emphasizes visual screening during your exams and cleanings at Midland Avenue Dental.

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Dr. Saroya wants every patient who visits Midland Avenue Dental to have peace of mind knowing that they’ve been proactive in their preventive dental care. As such, we invite you to book an appointment now for oral cancer screening in Midland, ON today from our dentist near you.

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