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Even though extractions are one of the oldest procedures performed in dentistry, some people still mistakenly believe that they’re one of the most uncomfortable procedures. Thanks to the many advancements made in modern dental care, including the equipment and technology used by our dentist near you at Midland Avenue Dental, those beliefs are unfounded.

When you visit Dr. Saroya for your tooth extraction consultation, you’ll learn first-hand about the modern techniques used to perform dental extractions near you. We invite you to make an appointment now to learn more about the advanced care patients receive in comprehensive dentistry from our dentist in Midland, ON and the team at Midland Avenue Dental.

Types of Dental Extractions

Again, thanks to modern dental practices, equipment, and technology, there are only two types of dental extractions performed in today’s dentistry. They are simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction.

Simple tooth extractions do not involve any surgery and can be easily performed in one appointment with minimal discomfort afterward. Surgical tooth extraction is most often performed on wisdom teeth or teeth broken down to the gumline. Although more complex than a simple tooth extraction, surgical tooth extraction is performed safely and efficiently with comfort-focused equipment.

Every patient will be different regarding their tooth extraction procedure. Still, you’ll receive information specific to your treatment and answers to your questions when you book a consultation with Dr. Saroya. Our dental care team will also provide you with pre-procedure and aftercare instructions so you’ll be best prepared for your treatment.

Whether you need a loose tooth removed because of an impact injury or a set of wisdom teeth removed because they are causing discomfort, the team at Midland Avenue Dental is here to provide the care you deserve for dental extractions near you.

Preserving Teeth is One of Our Goals

One of our over-arching goals at Midland Avenue Dental is to help our patients keep their teeth whenever possible rather than extracting them. We will never force you into an extraction procedure without first providing you with the information about tooth preservation when that treatment course is an option. Please make an appointment today to learn more about tooth extraction and tooth preservation from Midland Avenue Dental.

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