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Do you have one or more teeth that you’d like to have replaced? Would you like the result of your treatment to be long-lasting, functional, and natural-looking? If you answered “yes,” then our dentist near you has the solution you’re looking for: dental implants from Midland Avenue Dental.

Benefits of Dental Implants Near You

Dr. Saroya and the team at Midland Avenue Dental provide a range of treatments for tooth replacement, including dental bridges and partial dentures. But what makes a dental implant procedure one of the most popular is the durability and natural appearance of the procedure.

A dental implant procedure indeed requires more appointments than other procedures. Still, patients tell our dentist in Midland. ON every day how happy they are that they decided on a dental implant as their tooth replacement choice. Not only is the implant natural-looking and durable, but because it is attached to their jawbone, it helps prevent future dental problems from the bone loss that other procedures cannot guard against.

Also, because the dental implant is permanently affixed to a patient’s jaw, it creates a more natural sensation when speaking and eating. The takeaway here is that of all the tooth replacement options available from dentists near you, such as Dr. Saroya at Midland Avenue Dental, a dental implant most closely replicates the sensation of a natural tooth in addition to most closely replicating the appearance of a natural tooth.

When you visit our office for your dental implant consultation, we’ll provide you with a treatment plan that outlines your future appointments so you can schedule them during times that are most convenient to you. We’re not only committed to excellence in dentistry at Midland Avenue Dental, but we’re committed to helping our patients receive convenient dental care.

Ready to Learn More About Replacing a Tooth?

Whether you want to learn more about dental implants near you or the other replacement options provided by Dr. Saroya, we invite you to make an appointment today using our convenient online booking tool. We’re currently accepting new patients, and the team at Midland Avenue Dental looks forward to answering all of your questions in our comfortable Midland. ON dental office soon.

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