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At Midland Avenue Dental, we provide the best dental services and procedures to all our patients. Dr. Saroya is a dedicated and experienced dentist in Midland, ON, with an excellent record in treating patients.

Gum-related illnesses and disorders are common and can require different treatments depending on the severity of the problem. Gum Grafting near you is an approved and effective treatment for receding gums, and we recommend it to patients after carefully assessing their situation.

What is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting in Midland, ON, is a popular treatment for receding gums. It helps restore your beautiful gum line to rejuvenate your smile and helps prevent tooth sensitivity and loss. Dr. Saroya at Midland Avenue Dental is skilled at performing the procedure and has many satisfied patients.

During Gum grafting, a dentist near you will graft from your oral cavity to cover the exposed part of your tooth to ensure you have an even gum line and address any discomfort such as sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

Depending on the situation, the dentist might take tissue from the top layer of your mouth, as in the case of connective tissue grafts or free gingival grafts. In the case of a pedicle graft, the dentist will use tissue from around the tooth to cover the exposed tooth root.

Who Needs Gum Grafting?

When your gums start receding, your tooth roots tend to become exposed. The exposed tooth root is very sensitive to hot and cold and can cause discomfort and pain. Moreover, the missing gum tissue ruins your beautiful gum line, which can affect the beauty of your smile. Hence, gum grafting is the suggested treatment for people who experience these problems.

There can be several possible reasons as to why people develop gum recession. It can be caused due to physical damage to the gums, brushing your teeth with too much pressure, grinding teeth, use of tobacco, some other ailments, or genetic factors.

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